DEET Versus All Natural Bug Repellent

The popular chemical DEET is known to inhabit many, if not all chemical-based bug sprays and insect repellents. This controversial chemical not only sounds imposing and potentially dangerous, but has been suggested to cause some serious complications, regardless of how it is used. Of course, our all natural fly repellent doesn’t feature any DEET or artificial chemicals, but it is important we show the difference regardless.

Dangers of DEET: Real & Alleged

DEET Can Kill You

It is factually known and agreed upon that DEET is a lethal chemical compound. When consumed in large doses, especially through ingestion, DEET will wreak irreversible damage to your nervous system if the horrible sickness you receive first doesn’t kill you before it takes effect. Grim as that may sound, it seems suspicious for insect repellent companies and a minority of scientific research to claim that DEET applied to the skin has no harmful side effects whatsoever.

Obviously, there is controversy behind the use of this chemical compound on humans that extend beyond the obvious risk that exists for anyone that swallows DEET or uses it in extremely large doses in the scientific community and otherwise. In fact, it is recommended that any persons that feel fairly common ailments (nausea, coughing, breathing difficulty, seizures, etc), to call the poison control hotline; which is interesting, for a “skin safe” (even on children) product.

The Alleged Effects

There are many people that believe that the dangers of DEET extend beyond those that use or consume it in large doses, but that the dangerous chemical is just that: Dangerous; this means dangerous for skin, too dangerous for children, and much more dangerous than people are comfortable with to ward off insects. Additionally, products that contain DEET often contain other chemicals to balance out some of the more harmful effects, including engineered alcohol and more. Any of these chemicals can prompt an allergic reaction, cause skin rashes, and more, which effectively extends the risks of DEET insect repellents beyond the simple effects of DEET itself.

The Myths We Tell Ourselves

The reason that DEET-laced products still exist on the shelves and in the medicine cabinets of Americans across the country is simple: It works. DEET does exactly what it is designed to do by effectively warding off bugs and discouraging them to not land on your skin in the first place. The unfortunate thing is that we tell ourselves myths about why these bug sprays work, such as explaining the unpleasant smell or the coughs they elicit in small children and adults alike as a necessary component for a bug-free afternoon; this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, there exist numerous flowers and trees in nature that naturally prevent flies, mosquitoes, and other flying pests from landing upon them using natural fragrances. Go figure, but all of these scents smell far better and are infinitely safer to use on skin (or even slightly ingest) than DEET is. The myth we tell ourselves about why the chemicals work and how we have to put up with it blind us to the thought process that a better solution exists all around us, which was exactly what spurred us to create BB’s All Natural FlyAway Spray for horses and humans.

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We developed our innovative natural fly repellent from a place of love for horses, humans, and essential oils; the end result of this passion is a fragrant, effective deterrent for flying pests of all kinds. Our improved formula effectively resists sweat for hours, giving your family or horses hours of continuous protection.

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