Places to Camp this Summer

Our Favorite Camping Spots in the United States

Hey everyone! Happy summer. Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with our blog and have learned some valuable information regarding Lyme disease, essential oils, and horses. As a company who created a safe, natural, and aromatic essential oil bug spray, it’s only natural that we love the outdoors and all that it has to offer… aside from some bugs here and there. Therefore, we’ve decided to dedicate today’s post to discussing all of our favorite places to hike and camp in the United States. From Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon, there are thousands of miles of trails and sites. Here are some places to check out this summer. Don’t forget to bring your horse along!

Muir Woods, CA

Muir Woods is located about 45 minutes north of San Francisco. Muir Woods is a national park featuring towering Redwoods that extend far beyond the clouds. With plenty of hiking trails, including the Dipsea trail, Muir Woods is an excellent place for explorers who want to uncover some of the amazing types of life that nature has to offer.

Glacier National Park, MT

Glacier National Park is a destination for people from all over the globe. A treasure of the North, this National Park is situated amongst snowy mountains and blue glacial lakes formed from glaciers thousands of years ago. Summer is the perfect time to take a camping trip due to Montana’s tendency to have winters with temps that dip well below freezing on the regular. But, in the summer, when the temperatures are mild, camping and hiking up in Glacier make for a marvelous and extremely Instagram-worthy road trip.

Ohiopyle State Park, PA

Located about an hour south of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, the lush greenery surrounding roaring streams and rivers is the perfect summer camping hotspot. A break from the hustle and bustle of the steel city, Ohiopyle is home to waterfalls, miles of hiking and biking trails, and ‘natural waterslides’ formed within the rocks. It’s a great little place for a relaxing camping trip with the kids. However, Pennsylvania is known for its buggy wildlife, so make sure to grab some of our essential oil bug spray for the trip!

Adirondack Mountains, NY

When New York is mentioned, the hustle and bustle of the city likely comes to mind, not the miles of mountainous landscapes. This summer, stray from the concrete jungle into the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. Bring a canoe to paddle through the rivers and lakes and certainly bring your camera to snap photos of the tree covered peaks. The Adirondacks give plenty of reasons to make the journey up to the northeast this summer.

Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Located a little bit outside of Boulder Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park provides the curious hiker with thousands of sites to drop your jaw at. With plenty of camping spots that overlook the snow capped peaks, this Colorado National park is the spot to go this summer. Additionally, there are plenty of trails that are horse friendly, so be sure to bring your equine pal.