Preparing Your Family Picnic

The weather is warming and people are making their way outdoors more and more. As you begin to explore weekends outdoors once again, it is always a good idea to prepare a picnic quick-packing kit.

How to Make a Great Picnic Every Time

Creating a great picnic is all about preparation; after all, you can only have what you bring with you! If you’re looking for ways to make your picnics great every time, read on for tips from BB’s All Natural FlyAway Spray!

Double Check the Weather

Warm weather isn’t enough of a factor to determine a great day for a picnic. Instead, you should look for ideal picnicking conditions, especially if you hope to sit out on the grass. You need to check, and double check, to ensure that the weather will be sunny, warm, and calm, not humid, scorching, cloudy, or windy. Many people consider the temperature alone, but wind and bugs are typically the biggest picnic ruiners out there.

Keep a Picnic Packed

This amazing tip will save you most of the work when done right. Instead of packing and unpacking your picnic, keep a bag of “dry supplies” to accompany the fresh food you bring each time; in this bag, you can keep cutlery, paper towels, a blanket, some dry snacks (granola bars, fruit snacks, etc.) and, of course, a bottle of our natural fly repellent. When you decide to have a picnic, you just have to give the bag a quick check, pack whatever food and drinks you want, and pick your picnic spot. Once you have a picnic ready to go around your home, you’ll find the family is much more eager to get things together and get out there, which is an added bonus.

Bring Something Fun

Packing and setting up a picnic is a lot of work to just turn around and come right back inside. Above all, you don’t want your picnic to feel like simply “lunch outside,” but rather a fun day out with family or friends. To achieve this, be sure to bring something fun to do! Whether you have a day at the beach, where the fun is already there, or you bring a football, frisbee, or something even more exotic, like your hiking boots to enjoy your picnic up in the mountains, it is important to make your day of fun about much more than simply eating outdoors. For this exact reason, always be sure to remember your camera to record the memories that your family and friends will make on the day out - you’ll be glad you did!

Get Creative with Food

While we don’t want you spending all day prepping your picnic - the point of a picnic is to enjoy the outdoors, after all - but a little creativity can really elevate the experience. If you’re a traditionalist, then consider making a different flavor of potato salad, such as Southwestern, and try out a hummus and pita dip with cold cuts in place of traditional sandwiches. For those more daring, the sky's the limit for what you can take on your picnic - surf the internet for a while to get some inspiration on cool finger foods and lunch packing ideas if you have the time!

Take Our Natural Fly Repellent

No matter how prepared you are, nothing will save your picnic from bad weather and annoying bugs; while we can’t do anything about the weather beyond warning you to check it twice, by taking a bottle of BB’s All Natural FlyAway Spray, you can keep the flies and insects away from your family with a pleasant, natural scent. A picnic without insects and harsh chemicals? Sounds like a great time!

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