Repelling Bugs Without Harm

At BB’s All Natural, we know a thing or two about safely, naturally repelling insects. People regularly decide to give our natural fly repellent a try simply because of its usage of things found in nature and lack of harm to animals, the environment, and even the people or animals using it. If you love animals, even the annoying ones, then you’ve likely wondered how to best repel bugs without harm.

Keeping Your Life Bug-Free Without Chemicals

If you’re looking to prevent bugs from ruining your garden, annoying your horses, or spoiling your cookouts and picnics without harming them, then you should understand some of the options available.

Use Plants to Deter Pests

For millions of years, plants have found a way to keep insects from totally devouring them as they grow, yet we act as though plants are completely defenseless to the onslaught of pests. The problem is that our lawns and gardens aren’t growing in their ideal conditions, where certain pests don’t harass them or other environmental factors deter pests from coming near at all. By using plants to deter pests, you can get a double benefit: An attractive lawn and garden that includes beautiful plants and flowers without being harassed by insects. For instance, consider planting peppermint or spearmint in your garden to deter many crawling insects without even using a single product, plus you can use the mint in your recipes - awesome!

Differentiate “Pests”

Not all bugs are pests, first of all. Many people condemn and squish spiders, then wonder why they have a mosquito problem. In the same way, certain bugs can benefit your lawn and garden environment, such as the praying mantis, earthworms, and many beetles. By narrowing your scope of what is a pest and what may actually help your lawn and garden grow free of the real pests out there can make your life much easier. This is yet another reason to not use chemical pest control, as a chemical has no way to tell good from bad; instead, most pest control will harmfully kill most insects, disrupting the tiny ecosystem found on and around your property, which can create untold effects to be dealt with for years to come.

Take Preventive Steps

The best way to ensure that your home won’t fall victim to pests is to not create an environment that helps to breed pests. You’ve probably heard of avoiding standing water anywhere near your home as mosquitoes and other flying insects thrive near sources of water, which will mean many more pests to deal with. This type of prevention is exactly what you should be pursuing, after all, you won’t have to worry about killing or repelling pests if there aren’t any near your home to worry about. Of course, some pests are unavoidable, but you should do your due diligence to your community by ensuring that water has nowhere to catch on or around your home, including in gutters, on the lawn, or even on objects found outside, like bird feeders.

Use Our Natural Fly Repellent

At BB’s All Natural, we used the simple concepts found in nature to create a formula that repels flies from horses eyes, people’s skin, and backyards with essential oils and other natural ingredients. Best of all, we get to know that we are helping to keep people and animals free from pests without actually harming the pests themselves or disrupting the local ecosystem. Whether you’re looking to protect your horses, yourself, or your children, you can trust BB’s All Natural FlyAway Spray to keep the pests off without harmful chemicals or death.

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