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Tips to Alleviate Anxiety in Your Horse

Ways to Help Anxiety in Your Horse Horses and our human selves aren’t all that different. While image wise, we may not be too similar, horses and humans can be afflicted with the same types of emotions and internal conflicts. Have you ever woken up in the morning, feeling nervous and uneasy? Maybe something happened the previous day that you just couldn’t quite shake? Horses can experience anxiety in a similar fashion during storms, after an unpleasant encounter with another horse or human, or just happen to be having a rough morning. If you own a horse, then you’ve probably encountered times when your horse just wasn’t feeling up to par. And, as horse owners who want the best for...

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The Essential Oils We Love

Essential Oils are what make our bug spray spectacular Perhaps the last thing that you’d associate with lovely, calming aromas and smooth skin is bug spray. The harsh chemicals used in most store bought bug sprays leave skin feeling both sticky smelly. BB’s All Natural Flyaway Spray strayed away from these dangerous chemicals by utilizing a combination of natural, safe, and pleasant ingredients to create our essential oil fly spray. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the oils that we use and why we use them. Coconut Oil The craze surrounding coconut oil hasn’t subsided, and for good reasons. Not only is coconut oil a healthier cooking and baking alternative to most cooking oils, but it’s also an excellent...

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Mosquito Born Illnesses 101

Thinking about travelling? Learn about some of the most common mosquito spread diseases.  No matter where you are in the world, there’s bound to be something trying to kill you. What’s small, sneaky, and wreaks havoc on any camping trip? If you guessed mosquitoes, you’re right. While most insect bites are harmless aside from an itchy bump, some could cause quite a bit of damage. Depending on what part of the world you’re in, mosquitoes have the potential to infect you with a variety of dangerous, and sometimes deadly, diseases. If you plan on travelling, whether within the United States or abroad, make sure to know the tell tale signs of some of the more common mosquito-borne illnesses. West Nile Virus...

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