The Essential Oils We Love

Essential Oils are what make our bug spray spectacular

Perhaps the last thing that you’d associate with lovely, calming aromas and smooth skin is bug spray. The harsh chemicals used in most store bought bug sprays leave skin feeling both sticky smelly. BB’s All Natural Flyaway Spray strayed away from these dangerous chemicals by utilizing a combination of natural, safe, and pleasant ingredients to create our essential oil fly spray. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the oils that we use and why we use them.

Coconut Oil

The craze surrounding coconut oil hasn’t subsided, and for good reasons. Not only is coconut oil a healthier cooking and baking alternative to most cooking oils, but it’s also an excellent moisturizer that hydrates skin, leaving it feeling, and looking, softer. We put coconut oil in our insect repellent to hydrate skin that had been irritated by the sun.


We know all about lavender’s calming properties and likely recognize it from candles, perfume, and even the flower itself. What you might not know about lavender is that bugs tend to stay far away from it. Therefore, we use it as one of the main insect repellents in our spray. Not only is it safe, but the aromas are wonderful.


Cedarwood oil is similar to lavender in its calming properties. This essential oil is perfect for soothing stress and cooling the mind. The cedarwood in our essential oil insect repellent couples with the serenity of the outdoors allowing you to get the most of your experience without having to worry about bugs nipping your skin.


Although our product is very effective at keeping insects away, it’s still possible to get bit in missed spots. We made the decision to add rose oil to our mix because of it’s healing properties which help reduce scarring and scabs from any bumps that do pop up.


Exploring the outdoors is a strenuous activity and can cause muscle and joint soreness. Eucalyptus provides the perfect safe and effective fix for soothing muscles sore from a long day of activity. We put it in our spray for this very reason.

Orange Blossom

Though we take to the outdoors to relieve ourselves from the stress brought on by work and homelife, sometimes, even in the most scenic areas, these issues creep in. We incorporated the mood boosting oil of Orange Blossom to help reduce the residual anxieties that nature couldn’t take away on its own.


The sun is brutal. No matter how much SPF we apply or water that we drink, our skin is bound to dry out after spending time in the sunshine. Therefore, we made the decision to add sandalwood to our essential oil insect repellent to help relieve your dry skin qualms.  

White Fir

White Fir oil is extracted from the bark of the white fir tree and is used to calm tension in the body after physical activity. The oil is thought to improve circulation, which then improves all other activities in the body and mind.

Our essential oil insect repellent was curated to make the outdoors just that much more enjoyable. While our primary focus is to prevent insect bites, your wellness and happiness is also a top priority. Try BB’s All Natural Fly Away Spray today.