Unfortunate Misuse of the Word “Natural”

Most people are aware that we are almost always oversold on, well, just about everything. Walk down any aisle at the supermarket, you’ll see the word “natural” dozens - if not hundreds - of times, often on products that are hardly, if at all, natural. As a company that actually offers an all-natural product, we’re right with you in seeing this as annoying and worrisome.

Let’s Take Back Natural

Simply typing in “natural” into your favorite search engine fields definitions that include:

“Existing in or caused by nature…” and other such definitions that evoke a sense that natural means, well, “of nature.” However, that isn’t what we see on so many products; in fact, the Food & Drug Administration doesn’t even have an official definition for the word natural, they actually admit that they “have not objected to use of the term if the (product) does not contain added color, artificial flavors, or synthetic substances…” but, if you notice, it does not expressly say that this is necessarily the case if the word natural is used, nor does it say that this is the only instance upon which the word natural can be used. But, it can; they won’t object. Ridiculous, right?

Natural Should Mean Natural

When you’re looking at the labels of your favorite “natural” product, you should begin seeing red flags for every dye, natural flavor, preservative, and other entirely unnatural human additives. Natural, as we see it, is actually pretty hard to come by. Maybe that’s because we stick to the literal definition, at least as close as possible; of course, our natural fly repellent involves people compiling the natural ingredients into a blend of natural things to make a somewhat unnatural mix of otherwise natural ingredients - but let’s not get too technical here. Natural, as it is on a product label, should mean without artificially engineered products, blends, or techniques; if you can’t make it in your kitchen, then it probably isn’t natural. But, that isn’t how most companies (or the FDA, apparently) see things. So, let’s take back the word natural!

Support Truly Natural Products

There are natural products at your local grocery store, and you can find them if you look! If you see a product label for butter that reads “Butterfat, Milk, Salt, Water,” then you’re in business; if however, you see things like “non-hydrogenated soybean oil extract 24173b,” you can safely assume that “natural” may be a bit of a stretch; we’re sorry, but 98% natural ingredients does not natural make. By opting for natural, truly natural, products whenever possible, you support the companies that don’t take that word, or your trust, lightly. By purchasing products that walk the natural talk, you voice your dissent with the strongest language their is: The language of the almighty dollar.

Shop Our Naturally Natural Fly Repellent

BB’s All Natural FlyAway Spray features essential oils derived from naturally insect repelling flowers and other plants that, you know, exist in nature - naturally. By harvesting these natural ingredients found in nature and putting them together to make a flying pest repellent, we believe we’re doing a little good in the world, keeping families from exposing themselves to harmful chemicals, and even giving the word “natural” back some of its meaning.

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