Using Natural Fly Repellent

If you’re considering a hiking trip, worried about keeping flies off of your horses, or just generally preparing for summer fun in the sun, then you will need a fly repellent that can stand up to your needs. At BB’s All Natural FlyAway Spray, we have developed a versatile product that can keep up with those needs; here is how to use it in your everyday life!

Putting BB’s to Use in your Tack Room or Hiking Pack

Applying our All Natural FlyAway Spray is easier than you might think, but we’ll get to that! First, we have to undo all of the damage that chemical-based insect repellents have done to your perception of what a fly spray is and how it needs to be applied!

For Horses

Our four-legged friends were actually the inspiration for BB’s All Natural, if you can believe it! Horses, especially show horses, are a bit more susceptible to the contaminants found in chemical-based insect repellents, so we committed ourselves to finding more natural solutions. When a fly mask isn’t an option, you need something to keep the bugs away from your horse’s soft skin and eyes - so we looked for our answers in nature and came up with our essential oil-based natural fly repellent! To apply onto your horse, we recommend you follow the following steps for best results:

  • Give them a thorough brushing to remove dust and dirt, as the spray won’t adhere if there is a layer of dust on their coat
  • Spray directly onto the coat, being especially generous around the face and on other “soft skin” areas of their body; focus on areas you have noticed any flies bothering them!
  • Always be sure to avoid spraying into the eyes whenever possible; while they won’t go chemically blind or anything, it can startle your horse to get sprayed in the eye, which can be dangerous for you both
  • If you’d prefer, you can instead apply our FlyAway Spray as you brush your horse, but we still advise using a separate brush from your dust and dirt remover

It’s that simple! We recommend keeping our largest size of BB’s All Natural FlyAway Spray in your tack room, then apply this whenever you’re going to give your horse some time outdoors to see a huge reduction in the amount of flies that bother them throughout the day. Whether you use this just on special outings or when showing your horse or as an everyday essential, you’ll be glad for how easily our tack room-sized bottle sprays (and stays) on!

For People

When using our natural fly repellent for people, you have an even easier time! We still don’t recommend spraying it on especially dusty or dirty skin, but that’s a pretty unlikely situation to find oneself in. Here are the must-know tips for using BB’s All Natural on yourself and the entire family for your days outdoors:

  • As with horses, avoid spraying recklessly near the eyes
  • Spray directly onto the skin, onto hiking boots and gear, clothes, and any other surface you would like; you can focus your efforts on exposed skin, of course
  • BB’s All Natural FlyAway Spray shouldn’t stain clothing or gear, but you can always test a small section before applying all over
  • When using with sunscreen: Apply sunscreen first, allow time for that to dry, then start back at the first area with our natural fly repellent to add that protection to your sunscreen; doing so in reverse order can diminish the fly repelling effects!

Our natural fly repellent is useful for keeping flying pests of all sorts - not just flies - off of your friends and family for a day of fun in the sun. For outings, we advise our 8 ounce or 2 ounce spray bottles, as they both easily fit into backpacks and day bags, while providing plenty of protection for the whole family. For keeping in the car or taking on a trip, the 2 ounce bottle is especially useful!

Try Our Essential Oil Bug Spray

At BB’s All Natural FlyAway Spray, we are dedicated to using the solutions nature has already provided for keeping away mosquitoes, flies, and other airborne pests. By leveraging the powers of essential oils derived from naturally insect-repellent plants, we keep your family and horses free from airborne pests. Check out our entire selection of natural essential oil bug spray to find one for every outdoor occasion!

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