Why Horses are Incredible Animals

Horses are amazing animals. Here are some incredible facts to prove it. 

Us at BB’s All Natural have created products to protect you and the ones you love from insects of all varieties without exposing you to the dangerous chemicals, such as deet, found in most bug sprays. When we say “ones you love” we also mean horses, thus inspiring us to create our natural fly spray for horses and humans alike. Whether you own a farm or regularly ride horses, then you’re well aware of how magnificent these creatures are. Therefore, because we find the comfort and happiness of your horses of the utmost importance, we’ve decided dedicate this post to remind you why or equine friends are so incredible.

Horses can Sleep Standing Up

Think about how much more bearable airports would be if we had the ability to sleep standing up. Horses have evolved to run quickly and efficiently to escape predators and their ability to sleep while standing is an adaptation that allows them to make a quick getaway, even when asleep.

Horses are Incredibly Fast

It’s no secret that horses can beat even the fastest Olympian in a race, but exactly how fast can horses run? Most go at about 27 miles per hour.

Horses Express Their Mood With Facial Expressions

If we’re happy, we’ll smile. If we’re angry, we’ll frown. Facial expressions allow us to easily communicate our mood so that those around us know how how we’re feeling and also how to approach us. As research suggests, horses have a similar system whereas they use their ears and gaze to communicate.  

The Position of their Eyes Allows for Greater Perception

Horses have eyes positioned on the sides of their face, thus allowing them to visualize the world in 360 degrees. Horses, who are herbivores, have evolved with several mechanisms that enable them to swiftly see and escape from potential predators.

Horses Have the Biggest Eyes of Any Mammals

Most speedy animals, including horses, have larger eyes that allow them to run at fast paces without running into objects. Larger eyes are associated with higher visual acuity. Amazingly, horses have the largest eyes of all mammals which give them the ability to run swiftly and gracefully.

Horses Can Run Shortly After Birth

When humans are born, it takes them months to even hold their own heads up. Horses, on the other hand, have it together a little bit quicker. In just hours after being born, foals are already galloping around the fields. This too is an adaptation to enable horses to make a speedy getaway.

Horses can Produce up to Ten Gallons of Saliva...Daily

You know that feeling when you’re starving at a restaurant and the waiter finally emerges from the kitchen with your meal? Well, imagine that times a hundred. Horses produce gallons of saliva daily which helps them swallow and digest their food. Yum?

There are About 60 Million Horses Alive Today!

60 Million? That’s almost twice the population of Australia. There sure are a lot of horses, and for a great reason. That’s why we here at BB’s All Natural have created the perfect fly away spray and bug repellent for horses.