Repelling Bugs Without Harm

At BB’s All Natural, we know a thing or two about safely, naturally repelling insects. People regularly decide to give our natural fly repellent a try simply because of its usage of things found in nature and lack of harm to animals, the environment, and even the people or animals using it. If you love animals, even the annoying ones, then you’ve likely wondered how to best repel bugs without harm. Keeping Your Life Bug-Free Without Chemicals If you’re looking to prevent bugs from ruining your garden, annoying your horses, or spoiling your cookouts and picnics without harming them, then you should understand some of the options available. Use Plants to Deter Pests For millions of years, plants have found...

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Preparing Your Family Picnic

The weather is warming and people are making their way outdoors more and more. As you begin to explore weekends outdoors once again, it is always a good idea to prepare a picnic quick-packing kit. How to Make a Great Picnic Every Time Creating a great picnic is all about preparation; after all, you can only have what you bring with you! If you’re looking for ways to make your picnics great every time, read on for tips from BB’s All Natural FlyAway Spray! Double Check the Weather Warm weather isn’t enough of a factor to determine a great day for a picnic. Instead, you should look for ideal picnicking conditions, especially if you hope to sit out on the...

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DEET Versus All Natural Bug Repellent

The popular chemical DEET is known to inhabit many, if not all chemical-based bug sprays and insect repellents. This controversial chemical not only sounds imposing and potentially dangerous, but has been suggested to cause some serious complications, regardless of how it is used. Of course, our all natural fly repellent doesn’t feature any DEET or artificial chemicals, but it is important we show the difference regardless. Dangers of DEET: Real & Alleged DEET Can Kill You It is factually known and agreed upon that DEET is a lethal chemical compound. When consumed in large doses, especially through ingestion, DEET will wreak irreversible damage to your nervous system if the horrible sickness you receive first doesn’t kill you before it takes...

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