Roll Around Your Horse's Eyes: Natural Fly Repellent 10ml Bottle


Product Description

Roll-On Natural Fly Repellent


  • Easiest way to keep flies out of your horse’s or pet's eyes
  • Simple-to-use roll on application
  • Active ingredients are ideal essential oils for horses
  • 100% all natural

BB’s All Natural FlyAway isn’t just in spray form, but also comes in this convenient roll-on application! Now you won’t have to spray any insect repellent to keep pests from harassing your horse’s eyes. Best of all, our formula is 100% all natural and includes many secondary benefits for your horse, like smoother skin and reduced anxiety. Check out all of our essential oil bug repellents to keep pests away from the entire family using the tools found in nature; browse our entire selection online today!


  • 10ml roll-on bottle
  • Weight: 3 oz