FlyAway Spray

Enhanced Formula Lasts All Day!

We teamed up with a distinguished chemist to create a new, more powerful formula. Our new blend of natural fly repellent stays put wherever it's sprayed, whether on your skin or your horse's. The fresh recipe is nearly immune to sweat. Not only that, it now has the power to last and last. If you've tried our original formula, try this one and we're sure you'll love the improvements.

How to Use FlyAway Spray


Brush the dirt off of your horse first. If the coat is too dirty, the spray won’t stick and won’t be as effective. After making sure your horse’s coat is free of dirt and dust, spray FlyAway directly onto the horse, keeping it out of the eyes. Some people like to brush FlyAway into the coat after application.


Spray directly onto skin, hiking boots, and gear. FlyAway Spray should not stain clothing, but it’s always a good idea to test a small area first. If you use sunscreen in addition to our all-natural repellent, apply the sunscreen first. After the sunscreen has had a chance to dry, spray FlyAway on any areas you want to keep free of flying pests.


Mother Nature's Bug Barrier

Everything needed for life to flourish can be found in nature. We created a mixture of nature's most powerful bug-repelling scents in the form of horse-friendly essential oils. Use FlyAway Spray on yourself or pets to form a natural barrier against pesky flying insects. It not only thwarts bugs, its pleasant smell relaxes muscles and moods alike.

Powerful Essential Oils Provide An Uplifting Aromatic Experience!

Repels Bugs and Eases Stress

Soothes Anxiety

Relaxes Overworked Muscles

Minimizes Scarring & Helps Heal Wounds

Relieves Dry Skin

Improves Mood

Encourages Circulation

Conditions Skin and Coat