For Purses & Golf Bags: Natural Fly Repellent 2oz Spray Bottle


Product Description

Travel Sized Essential Oil Insect Repellent


  • Great smelling insect repellent
  • Works fantastic for horses and humans alike
  • Small bottle makes it the perfect travel size
  • Easily fits into pockets, purses, and with tack supplies
  • 100% all natural, made with essential oils

This is our more popular hiking and traveling size of BB’s All Natural FlyAway Spray. This super convenient 2-ounce bottle is great to take with you on the go whether you’re trying to keep the flies off of the family, your horses, or a little of both! Since our unique insect repellent is made with essential oils, you get to enjoy a pleasant fragrance as well as some secondary calming benefits from the oils themselves. Get this one for on the go and pick up a bigger bottle to keep around the house or in the barn today!


  • 2-ounce spray bottle
  • Weight: 5 oz
  • All-natural insect repellent

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